In my experience, there is no one more insightful and profoundly gifted. Students under her tutelage are radically transformed and earn the right to be competitive in the theater.

Robert Lupone
MFA Program Director (2005-2011), The New School for Drama

Susan sets a new standard for excellence in the field of ESL pronunciation, which is available to all who train with her method.

Dr. Pamelia Phillips
Director of Professional Program – CAP21
Author of “Signing for Dummies”

Susan worked with my two principal actresses in Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. She did accent reduction with them and helped them say their dialogue with more fluency. She was an experienced and creative coach.

Wayne Wang
Film Director – The Joy Luck Club, Maid in Manhattan and Smoke

This is by far the best instructional video for pronunciation and speech improvement in American English on the market today – her method delivers!

Bettina Anagnostopoulos
Manager of Corporate Language Training for a global relocation firm


Whether you are a non-native English-speaking business person or a native English speaker with an accent seeking career advancement, polishing up your speech with Susan Cameron’s technique should be at the top of your to-do list.

Junko Carter
Director of Strategic Alliances, Rhode Island School of Design

It would have been very difficult to accomplish what I did in my career in the U.S. without Susan Cameron’s lessons.

Taro Minami
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Brown University, Alpert Medical School

For my role in “Beast on the Moon”,  I had to learn an Armenian accent.  After the show, the number of Armenian people who have approached me and consequently been quite surprised at my not having an accent is a testament to the skill of Susan Cameron.  I was also fortunate enough to train with Susan on basic voice work.  The results were almost immediate.  She is an incredible listener and can therefore identify problem areas quickly.  Then the adjustments and the healing can begin.  Susan is a patient perfectionist and an enthusiastic teacher who yields great results.

Lena Georgas
Actor on Variety’s Top Ten List of “Actors To Watch”
HosokawaPrime Minister Hosokowa
Thank you for assisting Prime Minister Hosokawa on his United Nations Address…Superb coaching!

Permanent Mission of Japan to the United Nations

I’ve witnessed Susan Cameron’s dialect and voice work first-hand, and the resulting performances were nothing less than inspired.

Sean Cullen
The American National Theatre, Inc.


Susan Cameron’s work on the dialects for Beast on the Moon was organized, intelligent and meticulous.  She was an invaluable resource to the company, helping to craft some of the finest stage accents I’ve heard in New York in many years.  The illusion is near perfect—Armenian audience members are astonished at the accuracy of the voices.  Susan is a dedicated professional at the very top of her field.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

David Grillo
Beast On The Moon

Susan Cameron is an excellent dialect coach.  In working with her, she demonstrated a complete and nuanced understanding of a difficult dialect, and in a short time was able to help me master it as well.  In addition to her thorough and patient word-by-word work with me, Susan also had recorded resource material readily available. She was an enormous help to me, and a pleasure to work with too!

Omar Metwally
Actor  – Beast On The Moon and Tony nominee for Sixteen Wounded

Susan Cameron is the only speech and dialect coach I know who could eliminate every accent in the UN — or teach you every accent in that building.

Anthony Vincent Bova
NY Acting Coach

Susan Cameron is a superb dialect and vocal coach, she is extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and a pleasure to work with.

Larry Moss
Film Director – Beast On The Moon and The Syringa Tree.
Acting Coach  – Hilary Swank’s ACADEMY-AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCES (Million Dollar Baby and Boys Don’t Cry), Helen Hunt’s As Good As It Gets, Lionardo DiCaprio’s The Aviator


“A round of applause to the entire TACT cast (and dialect coach Susan Cameron) for their consistent yet always easy to comprehend accents.”


“Special mention must be made of Susan Cameron as dialect coach for bringing rural Ireland to Manhattan.”

— Backstage

“Their accents are nearly flawless!”

— Show Business Weekly

“The dialect coach, Susan Cameron, has done a good job with each of the actors — all of whom make the world of the play believably Irish.”

— Talkin’ Broadway

“For the sound of language alone, the play is a pleasure. Remarkably, this cast boasts no Irish among them, but one would never know it!”

— The Irish Voice


“Looking back, I find it difficult to imagine what I was doing in a scene before I worked with Susan. The vocal and speech work I’ve covered with her has made such a difference to my performance. My acting is much more organic. Correct breathing, Standard American pronunciation, and body relaxation are now an integral part of both my acting technique and the way I live. Strengthening my vocal projection and clarity, and losing my accent have given me more confidence when I speak to other people… Susan’s knowledge of the voice, of speech, of dialects, and of how to teach all of these is far beyond what I can imagine encountering elsewhere. I would trust her with my entire career. In fact, in a way, I suppose I already have.”

Kim (NYU student)

“Learning English was extremely difficult for me because of the big difference between my native language — Korean — and English. I had given up the idea of speaking without an accent before I met Susan. Her class was well planned to fit each student’s need. She knew what I needed to work on the first day of class and never stopped correcting me. I have never met any other teacher who has such devotion and love. She also taught me the most important thing in learning English: do not underestimate your ability. I learned to be more diligent and not to settle for less because I can always sound better.”

Eunjee (Korea)

“Susan Cameron has made me a better actor and a stronger person in general. Professional, compassionate, a wonderful teacher…She is a true artist. In one school year I learned to open up so much of myself in her class, and I enjoyed every gut-wrenching second of it… I’ll never be able to thank her enough for it.”

Chris (NYU student)

“Susan is great. Through her unique method, she was able to help me to be understandable in English and to become a working actor in New York City. I constantly need her precious feedback.”

Alessia (Italy)

“Susan Cameron led me to the highest standard of acting through her incomparable insight into both classical and contemporary dramatic speech. I learned how powerful a tool speech can be for an actor if acquired rigorously, practiced vigorously and applied accurately.”

Sam (Korea)

“Susan is an exceptional teacher! The progress I made in her class working towards my accent was enormous and very gratifying. I totally recommend her. She’s awesome.”

Nelly (Mexico)


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This is a nicely well written book with Audio and Video for non-english speakers who wish to have an outstanding performance in English communication.
This book is great for the people who can speak English but they have difficulty with pronunciation! You need to simply follow the DVD and practice.– SepsterThe only pronunciation guide I’ve found that lists all the words for each particular sound. So if you’re brave enough to learn them, you make sure you’ll never mispronounce them. Plus the DVD is really useful to mechanically change your speech patterns. As a French native, I felt that it really helped me to feel more comfortable with the English pronunciation.– sabas
As teachers, we collect resources. This one will be integrated into next semester’s curriculum. Very helpful for teaching ESL (American) to adult learners.– Sandra (San Diego, CA)
This book contains tons of practical lists of words sorted by difficult sounds. This can be really useful for either students or teachers looking for material to drill challenging sounds. The DVD shows lots of articulation exercises to improve your vocalization and diction. You can also see how several non-native speakers of English can master the pronunciation of vowels and consonants by practising this original method. — Gustavo
Amazing tool to help reduce foreign accent. CD/DVD are extremely useful to understand how to focus on the specific single sound. Susan’s precise description of the sounds, and the hand/mouth analogy are very useful, even for self study, to understand what the correct pronunciation is. Once the correct sound is understood, the book provides several exercises to apply it: exhaustive list of words, contrasting sounds practice, use in phrases. It is also very precise: it lists exceptions and different uses. Now, do not expect this to be a magic recipe that would get rid of your accent in a week: it takes a lot of time and patience. I still have an accent and I am still working on it. However, I did correct several sounds, and improved in others. People understand me much better, and I do know how to pronounce any word without accent, if I take my time. Compared to two other books/systems I tried, this was definitely the most effective, hands down. — Francesco
After viewing the DVD and reading this book, I am buying it for a friend who has a thick Eastern European accent, which, while charming to his friends, he feels has impeded his ability to attract clients in the United States (he is an engineering professional). This may not be fair, it may not be respecting of diversity, but it is a reality in his business world. When people learn English, the focus is on teaching vocabulary and grammar – leaving learners to acquire pronunciation on their own, by exposure and by trial and error. This book finally explains the anatomical mechanics of pronunciation — the tongue, teeth, and lip placement necessary to make certain English sounds. The explanations and exercises in the books and on the audio shorten EXPONENTIALLY the time needed to pronounce the vocabulary words most ESOL teachers focus on imparting. There seems to be nothing else like it on the market. Perfecting Your English Pronunciation is a great resource for business executives, medical professionals, educators, and anyone whose career depends on the ability to be understood, in English, by clients. It is a great investment at a very reasonable price. — MD MAGS (Maryland USA)